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Youth Program Guide
Summer 2022

Ages 9-15

Ages 13-18

Beginning Opti

Age: 9-15

Sailors learn basics of water safety, basic sailing skills and vocabulary, and how and why boats sail, all while sailing their own Opti. Great for both

brand new sailors and returners. Many sailors repeat this class before moving on to Intermediate Opti.

Teen Intro to Wildcat Sailing

Age: 13-18

This class is designed for older sailors who are interested in learning to sail and race FJs, the two-person sailboat used on our high school sailing team, Wildcat Sailing. Good for both older beginners and sailors graduating from Intermediate Opti interested in learning a new boat. We recommend sailors are around 100 lbs or more.

Intermediate Opti

Age: 9-15

Sailors build on the many skills learned in the beginning class, and get a light intro to sailboat racing in their own Opti. Students must have permission from instructors before signing up for Intermediate. This class is repeatable as well!

Open Sail Night

All ages

Sailors who are self-sufficient and have proven they can rig a boat and sail without direct coaching (usually by completing either Intermediate Opti or Intro to Wildcat Sailing) can sail the boats they have taken classes in during Open Sail Night. Students must have permission from instructors before attending. Open Sail happens once a week on Tuesday night and costs $5 a night. Open Sail is supervised for safety but is more hands-off than classes.

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